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  • Fleet


    Fleet is an application to provide managers with an integrated tool for running their organization and also allows constituents to use that very same tool to nteract with the organization, making it a powerful communications tool as well.

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  • Health Freaks

    Health Freaks

    Health Freaks’ started with an objective to make ‘best in class fitness facility’ accessible to people.

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  • 360 Law Group

    360 Law Group

    360 Laws started with an objective to build a team of skilled consultants who can encourage you to see them as a legal safety net and helps you minimize risk and maximize on opportunities.

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  • Pranik logistics

    Pranik Logistics

    Pranik logistics best-in class services take you A head of your competition & helps your business grow by strengthening your supply chain requirement.

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  • Digital Signage Application for Healthcare Provider

    Digital Signage Application for Healthcare Provider

    A premier healthcare, established in 2020, has been setting benchmarks in corporate healthcare services. To keep pace with its growth and enhance customer engagement, the provider sought to modernize its digital signage system which was plagued by inefficiencies and high maintenance.

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  • QA Case Study: QA/Testing Solution for a Health Care Application

    QA/Testing Solution for a Health Care Application

    Techstern was entrusted with the significant responsibility of developing and sustaining a comprehensive functional testing protocol for a healthcare application. This encompassed both manual and automated testing strategies, focusing on the user's healthcare journey.

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  • E-commerce App in Medicine Delivery

    E-Learning Evolution: Pioneering Advanced Education Systems

    Based in the UAE, our esteemed client stands at the forefront of educational innovation, catering to the dynamic needs of K-12 schools and universities. Recognized as a premier e- learning service provider, they are reshaping the educational landscape, driving it towards unparalleled heights.

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  • E-commerce App in Medicine Delivery

    E-commerce App in Medicine Delivery

    Techstern has pioneered the development of an e-commerce application, Pranik, that has transformed the landscape of medicine delivery. Catering to the global demand for an efficient, online solution for purchasing medicines and healthcare products, this case study examines how Techstern addressed the challenges faced by pharmacies in transitioning from traditional selling to a digital marketplace.

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  • International Airport

    In the past number of years, the airline transportation industry has changed significantly. Globally, the airline hub and spoke system, the commercialization of the passenger terminal building, the introduction of the regional jet and airport congestion have been the leading factors in the redevelopment attempts at airports.

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    Williams & Williams real estate auctions are one of the most respected brands in real estate auction accross USA.

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  • IP Analytics

    IP Analytics

    To differentiate and grow in an increasingly crowded and complex marketplace, Intellectual Property Firms need Practice Management solutions that keep things simple for users, keep Intellectual Property safe for clients and offer actionable insight to attorneys.

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  • SCCM / Intune

    SCCM / Intune

    Pranik Logistics was setting up an Office for 200 users and 300 machines. They required around 150 users to come and work from the office and 50 user from sales team will be working remotely. They wanted strict security and firewall policy to be implemented securing there data.

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  • QA Case Study: E-commerce Load Testing Solution

    E-commerce Load Testing Solution

    Techstern was commissioned to develop a comprehensive Load Testing Solution for an E-commerce platform that is integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The objective was to create a robust framework capable of executing a variety of load tests to ensure the platform's performance under stress.

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  • HR Management Portal

    HR Management Portal

    Techstern was approached by one of the company to develop an HR management application portal that would centralize their HR functions, enhance user experience, and streamline their HR processes.

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