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QA Case Study: E-commerce Load Testing Solution


Executive Summary

Techstern was commissioned to develop a comprehensive Load Testing Solution for an E-commerce platform that is integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The objective was to create a robust framework capable of executing a variety of load tests to ensure the platform's performance under stress.


The client faced significant hurdles due to the lack of a suitable Load Testing Solution that was both reusable and configurable to meet diverse requirements. Additionally, there was a critical need for a Core Web Vitals assessment report for the live environment to gauge and enhance the real-world user experience, focusing on loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.

  • Realistic Scenario Coverage: The solution included a suite of scripts that simulate real-life user interactions such as browsing categories, searching for products, and processing carts and checkouts.
  • Configurable Data-Driven Scripts: Scripts were designed to be data-driven, allowing for customization through input variables like user credentials and product details, ensuring a dynamic and relevant testing process.
  • Dynamic Response Correlation: The scripts incorporated correlation steps to handle dynamic requests and responses, such as those encountered during checkout and order submission.
  • Azure Load Testing Integration: The scripts were configured and ready to be deployed within the Azure Load Testing environment, facilitating various performance tests including load, stress, and concurrency.
  • Core Web Vitals Assessment: A comprehensive report was generated after evaluating the Core Web Vitals, providing insights into the performance of each category and product detail page on the live application.

Technologies Used

  • Load Testing: Apache JMeter
  • Conditional Scripting: BeanShell, JSR223
  • Cloud Services: Azure Load Testing
  • Core Web Vitals Assessment: Google Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights


Techstern's Load Testing Solution provided the client with a powerful and flexible tool to ensure their E-commerce platform could withstand the demands of real-world usage. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and cloud services, Techstern not only met the client's immediate needs but also equipped them with a scalable solution for future growth and optimisation.

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