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360 Laws started with an objective to build a team of skilled consultants who can encourage you to see them as a legal safety net and helps you minimize risk and maximize on opportunities. 360 Laws not only helps you to find consultant but also find advisors who can guide you through the complex corporate decisions. They help you to ensure that they have the legal expertise necessary to achieve your legal needs at nominal subscription charges.

• To develop such a web app which includes individual access for Admin, Consultants, and Customers and to make the client’s life easy.
• Admin could input the details of companies, the consultant details, client details, purpose, subscription fee, areas of law and other relevant data.
• Consultants could view their client details, areas of law, issued date and client’s detail to be elaborated by the consultant itself.
• Clients could only view the consultant detail, their fees, area of law and other relevant data.

  • 360 LAW GROUP

    • MVC – It supported parallel development of 360 Laws. It also helps in multiple views for the web app which is an increasing demand for new ways to access an application.
    • HTML – Creating a set of complete HTML documents having a similar look and feel and linking to one another gives you a brilliant UI for web-app.

  • 360 LAW GROUP

    • .Net - This was used to build Web applications. It provides control environment with built-in tools for developing, installing and executing different types of applications. .NET, which provides applications with an orderly way to access databases, web services, and other communication tools.


Documentation is an integral part of any law firm.

When the business and operations of such a firm are migrated to a web application platform and the documents need to be uploaded, it requires a lot of storage space.

To solve this problem, we needed cloud storage integration with the app which was a challenge.

We assimilated One Drive with 360 Law which resulted in a one-stop solution to the problem, much to the delight of the client.


Admin can enter the details of consultants and clients.

Consultants can edit the details of clients.

Clients can select the Area of law.

Report section is available for admin to view the details regarding the ongoing legal entities.

The Subscription fee is available both in monthly and quarterly basis for clients.

Paperless work i.e. documents are online.

Benefits to Client

From the early planning stage to final deployment and beyond, we’re proud that we fulfilled our client need by giving them individual access for admin, consultants, and clients. Admin had access to each and every operation of 360 Laws. Admin was able to find various reports related to client bill, income summary, income detail, etc. The dashboard was implemented for admin to have statistical data.

Consultants got access to their client details and were able to elaborate the client’s detail.

Their clientele was given access to the consultant’s details with an opportunity to avail membership both monthly and quarterly.


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