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E-Learning Evolution: Pioneering Advanced Education Systems



Based in the UAE, our esteemed client stands at the forefront of educational innovation, catering to the dynamic needs of K-12 schools and universities. Recognized as a premier e- learning service provider, they are reshaping the educational landscape, driving it towards unparalleled heights.

Product Overview:

Techstern is proud to present a state-of-the-art online system tailored for school and education administration. This product is a testament to our commitment to integrating technology with education, ensuring a seamless learning experience for students.

  • Frontend Development: Mastery over React JS and Angular JS ensures our platforms are user-friendly and highly responsive.
  • Backend Development: Our proficiency in C#, MVC, and .net Core guarantees robust and scalable solutions.
  • Cloud Integration: With expertise in Azure, we ensure our solutions are agile, secure, and scalable.
  • AI Integration: Our use of Cognitive Services pushes the boundaries of what's possible in EduTech, offering smart and adaptive learning solutions.
  • Modular Design:
    1. Super Admin: Oversees multiple school administrations.
    2. School Admin: Manages a specific school's administration.
    3. Teachers: Entrusted with project assignments, online lectures, quiz and exam setups.
    4. Students: Engage in online lectures, access digital libraries, participate in quizzes, exams, and liaise with the administration.

Challenges and Innovations

While the system's development progressed smoothly, integrating traditional examination methods with our digital platform posed a unique challenge. Our innovative solution was the fusion of a physical exam conduction process with the web application. This involved the generation of barcodes encapsulating teacher, course, and subject details, streamlining the paper evaluation process.

Resource Breakdown

  • Teacher Guide: Step-by-step instructions for educators, along with assignment and activity recommendations.
  • Student Workbook: Digital copies of student project books to encourage online reading.
  • Standards & Skills: Guidelines on essential skills, including the Common Core Standard, ISTE, and Technical Skills
  • Quiz: A comprehensive question bank complete with answers for Education Portal Projects.
  • Mark Sheet: Digital score sheets for assignments and quizzes conducted online.
  • Tutorials: Animated audio/video guides for individual project sessions.
  • Teachers Resources: Classroom resources such as images, question banks, skill sharpeners, and more.
  • Student Resources: Essential project resources available online, mirroring those on accompanying CDs.
  • PowerPoint: Session-specific presentations to aid in classroom teaching.
  • Drop Box: An online portal for assignment submissions and downloads.
  • Yearly Plan: A feature allowing educators to plan the year's curriculum based on their schedule, with premade plans available for effective classroom delivery.

Key Features:

  • OCR Processing: Advanced scanning to interpret student details, ensuring data consistency.
  • Mobile Application: Introducing the "ANSWERSHEET MOBILE EVALUATION MODULE," a game- changer for educators, enabling remote paper checking and submission.
  • User-Friendly Design: A responsive and intuitive website design, ensuring compatibility across all standard browsers.
  • Comprehensive Content: Clear, concise, and informative, offering users a deep understanding of the platform


Techstern has successfully delivered a holistic solution, addressing every facet of school management and student needs. Our innovations, from barcode integrations to mobile app developments, not only enhance the educational experience but also position our client as a trailblazer in the e-learning domain.

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