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FuelPro systems is a Premium Total Fluid Management (TFM) Company providing Comprehensive Lubrication Services to various Industries, Fleets & Utility Organizations in association with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to Hindalco Ind. (Aditya Birla Group). They help clients in reducing their cost of lubrication and achieving Benchmark Practices.


Client had an Enterprise level application & they were using Excel and different reporting tools. They wanted some better solution in terms of visualization, data integration, mobility, cost effective & security.


  • 1. We provided them with the solution based on Microsoft Power BI. Initially they were using different reporting tools. We have created customized interactive reports according to the client’s requirement. Reports consists of data tables and graphs like: Line, Bar, Pie etc.
  • 2. We provided with the solution where they can very quickly connect to a wide range of data sources with very little efforts.
  • 3. We integrated the Power BI reports into their Web application. We used Power BI API’s for security and user roles & accessibility.
  • 4. Power BI is more friendly with mobile devices because of iOS, Android and Windows apps while other reporting tools are not mobile friendly. So that client will able to access the report anytime anywhere on any device.
  • 5. Represent the data in the form of graphs which will be easier to understand.

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