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Pranik logistics best-in class services take you A head of your competition & helps your business grow by strengthening your supply chain requirement. They operate in different business segment in logistics services. They are associated with 500+ transporters & courier partners to exceed customer’s expectation.


Client was facing issues with the old email provider also had no idea about the backup & migration of old emails to new emails.


1. We provided them with Microsoft Office 365 Business essential licenses. Initially they were using different email provider. After that they ask us to migrate data from old provider to Microsoft Office 365.

2. We configure the setting like MX record and others.

3. We have provided the backup for old email.

4. Configured the outlook 2016.

5. Set up the new email to outlook 2016.

6. Restore the data to new email.

7. We made Microsoft Office 365 Admin panel according to the client requirement.

8. Given training and demonstrated the process to the prospective client.

Office 365 Migration

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