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Williams And Williams Auction


Williams & Williams Real Estate Auctions, are one of the most respected brands in a real estate auction. They are recognized by the auction industry with the Improvement Program based on leading methodologies. They work on stimulating the market, delivering qualified buyers and generating maximum value with the well-focused aim on truly "bringing the market to your door."

  • Williams Auction


    This interactive catalog professionally presents Williams and Williams Auction Services, eliminating the need for tiresome and expensive methods of buying and selling properties consuming good amount to time.

  • Williams Auction


    This Section allows users to browse the properties listed with almost no effort while finding the actual location in the google map regardless of it being commercial or residential.


In the technological aspects, there was a gap between the expected, and the real results and the company decided to hire us for the website development in the relevant field to get the desired increment in the user experience of their customers and employees.

  1. The web design was lacking behind in the field of responsiveness and customization.
  2. The website issues were raising the trust issues and were not fast enough to work upon.


The issues had undergone many development processes to fetch the solutions of the desired level. Our developers designed the website to give the smooth experience to all the users. All the customization processes were preceded with great attentiveness and made more functional concerning different browsers and devices. The redesigning of the website with the total development of front-end and backend gave the clear vision to the client to understand and interact with the smooth functionality, speed up performance and transparent interactions.

As Techstern dealing with a real estate always come up with the secure, trustworthy, customizable and responsive websites, incorporation of specific development process gives the way to resolve all the issues which were gathered and worked upon in slots to ensure all the resolutions.

  1. The development of backend was fulfilled by the .NET and web API web development platforms giving the total satisfaction to the server side.
  2. The frontend developed by the Bootstrap framework and JavaScript UI made all the client-side issue vanish.
  3. MVC framework is deployed for the dynamic web development platform, to achieve the fast and responsive part.


  1. The benefits of the online integration of the business, modernization of the client and their customers.
  2. The website with attractiveness and transparency for the client’s customers.
  3. Full support benefits for the future.
  4. On time delivery with the featured quality of excellence.

Williams Auction

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