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Power BI Case Study

FuelPro systems is a Premium Total Fluid Management (TFM) Company providing Comprehensive Lubrication Services to various Industries, Fleets & Utility Organizations in association with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to Hindalco Ind. (Aditya Birla Group). They help clients in reducing their cost of lubrication and achieving Benchmark Practices.


Being in Fuel Management sector, the managers and decision makers were unable to get a proper insight of both individual and company performances. Data was not trusted, meaning that any KPIs that were available did not truly drive behaviour. The business knew that accurate, available data was essential to drive their digital transformation programme.

The client was using Excel spreadsheets for the bulky data analysis and the reports generated didn’t give any analytical results. Moreover, the client was struggling with the slow processing of excel when it comes to heavy data.

The Client wanted an enterprise level reporting tool with budget constraints and better security and authentication.

The client wanted a “what if analysis”. With this, they wanted to look forward or look historically and analyze what would have happened if a different scenario had played out.

Power BI Case Study


Considering the given situation, where there was a budget constraint but the expectations were too high, Microsoft Power BI was the only and best solution for everything they needed.

To start with, we did a POC, where we fetched the data from the database & showed them a visualization which plotted different KPIs . Then started the flow of reports through Microsoft Power BI, where we developed Day to Day Revenue Report, Customer Requirement Analysis Report, Business Transactions Report, Income Expense Report, Employee Performance Report, Return Of Investment Reports, Staffing and workload reports and many more. These reports consisted of different Visuals which included Line Charts, Pi-Charts, maps, Customer Demographics, Bar-column Graphs, Density Charts, Card Counts, Bubble Charts, every kind of visualisation possible to analyse the data.

Also, Using Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports enabled us to create several filters which turned out to be the most influencing factor while analysing data for example filtered by date and time , filtered by demographics, filtered by type of customer etc. We integrated different Power BI APIs for security and user roles and accessibility . Client can now assign different access rights to different users enhancing data security. The database was fetched from SQL Server. We used queries/stored procedure to get data according to the client and used those in Microsoft PowerBI. By collecting rich detail and making it easy to analyze through personalized dashboards, The client now had an enterprise level Solution Microsoft Power BI for all their reports making hassle free Business decisions.

Client review:

"With Power BI, we can very quickly connect to a wide range of data sources with very little effort and use this data to run the company more smoothly than ever before. We use Power BI for everything. We love this product. Thank-you Techstern for transforming our analytics in such an amazing way!"

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