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Boosting the Performance and Daily Reporting of a Fuel Management Company Using Power BI


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Fuel-Pro systems is a Premium Total Fluid Management (TFM) Company providing Comprehensive Lubrication Services to various Industries, Fleets & Utility Organizations in association with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to Hindalco Ind. (Aditya Birla Group). They help clients in reducing their cost of lubrication and achieving Benchmark Practices.

The company was struggling to provide their employees with insight into both individual and company performance using their enterprise level tool and excel. Data was not trusted, meaning that any KPIs that were available did not truly drive behavior. The business knew that accurate, available data was essential to drive their digital transformation program. They wanted some better solution in terms of visualization, data integration, mobility, cost effective & security.

Techstern helped the client to implement an accelerated data warehouse using SQL , high-performance tabular models and visually appealing on-premise Power BI dashboards. Data was consolidated quickly from the sources and the company now had a ‘single version of the truth’, that was trusted by the whole business. KPIs were standardized and were instantly available via Power BI.

To start with, we did a small POC, where we fetched the data from the excel sheets & showed them a visualization which plotted – the sum of accidents by Weekday & Time Range. This gave them the answer to some of their very simple questions. The best part was, they could compare this year on year, quarter on quarter & month on month. Then started the flow of reports, where we developed the following different kinds of reports:

Cost Management Reports

Fuel pro was concerned with the cost involved in the business and was planning to reduce it. But they had no insights or visuals of the cost trend. With Power Bi we were able to create dashboards and reports with filters defining each and every cost involved and its trend.

Line/bar/pie charts and Treemaps

Sales by Continent or region, Orders by Country, Customers by region, or Sales by Main product Group, etc. , now they can analyze everything by a single click. Also, we added various filters of their product attributes which helped them segregate different products. By clicking on a single attribute on the graphs, they can now get the whole information of that particular attribute.

Real-time Data, Anywhere

The higher authorities wanted a handy system to view and analyze their day to day data involved in fuel management to increase their efficiency. Power Bi capabilities allowed them to view real time data, anytime, anywhere be it mobile, tab or laptop, the data was now easily accessible with information of their lubricants.

Power Bi Integration

They had their enterprise level web application for all their employees and they wanted Power BI to be integrated with their existing application.

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