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QA Case Study: Comprehensive QA/Testing Solution
for Mobile Marketing Automation Platform


Executive Summary

Techstern was commissioned to enhance and refine the functional testing process for a prominent mobile marketing automation platform. The objectives were clear-cut and multifaceted:

  • To establish a robust, end-to-end functional testing process tailored to the application.
  • To conduct regular testing in accordance with the newly established methodologies, ensuring their ongoing maintenance.
  • To develop a Test Automation Framework from the ground up, encompassing both functional and API testing.
  • To construct a Regression Test Suite and automate the regression test cases
  • To design and refine API Automation Scripts for testing RESTful Endpoints, critical to the application's transactions.
  • To execute periodic Load Testing on select requests known to experience high load during operation, post each interval/release.


  • The lack of a suitable functional Test Process that could be integrated seamlessly into the agile development cycle.
  • The absence of a reusable solution for validating high-priority functionalities with each new application release, regardless of size.
  • The non-existence of any functional or API Test Automation Suites.
  • The absence of a defined load testing process.


  • Development of a Functional Test Suite: This began with meticulous planning, prioritizing, and modularizing test areas by complexity, followed by the creation of detailed test scenarios categorized by different test objectives.
  • Test Execution & Reporting: Conducted various test cycles (Smoke, Sanity, Regression) as needed, managed issues within a defect management system, and published detailed reports and deliverables upon completion of each test cycle.
  • Routine Upgradation & Maintenance: Continuously enhanced the test suite by updating existing scenarios and incorporating new use cases in tandem with feature development.
  • Creation of a Functional Test Automation Suite: Developed a bespoke Test Automation framework, scripting comprehensive end-to-end automation for critical and complex test cases, with ongoing enhancements and maintenance.
  • API Test Automation Suite: Constructed an API automation Framework from scratch to validate the RESTful APIs' correctness, functionality, and efficiency.
  • CI/CD Integration: Seamlessly integrated both Functional and API test automation scripts into the CI/CD pipeline to ensure the integrity of new and existing application features.
  • Load Testing: Initiated and conducted Load testing to assess the performance of specific requests under varied load conditions, compiling comprehensive performance metrics reports.

Technologies Used

  • Web Automation Tool: Selenium
  • Test Automation Framework: TestNG
  • API Automation Tool: Rest Assured
  • Programming Language: Java
  • Build Tool: Maven
  • CI/CD: Azure DevOps
  • Load Testing Tool: JMeter
  • Project Management Tools: Jira, Confluence
  • Test Management Tool: Zephyr


This case study exemplifies Techstern's commitment to delivering tailored testing solutions that integrate seamlessly into the client's development lifecycle, ensuring quality and performance at every stage.

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