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QA Case Study: Comprehensive QA/Testing for HR Management Application


Techstern was entrusted with the critical task of conducting exhaustive functional testing for a sophisticated HR management application portal. Our objectives were clearly defined to ensure a comprehensive and effective testing process:

  1. Identification and Logging of Functional Issues: Our primary goal was to meticulously identify and log any existing functional issues within the application portal.
  2. End-to-End Testing of New Functionalities: We were responsible for performing thorough end-to-end testing for all newly developed functionalities within the application.
  3. Test Summary Report Preparation: Upon the completion of testing activities, our team was tasked with preparing a detailed test summary report, encapsulating all findings and insights.


  1. Non-Functioning High Priority Features: Certain high-priority functionalities within the application were not operating as expected. These needed to be identified and tracked with precision.
  2. Modification of Existing Features: The application had existing features that required modifications. A robust process for validating these modifications, in tandem with the existing functionalities, was absent.


  1. In-Depth Testing and Issue Identification: Our team conducted thorough testing of the application portal, successfully identifying over 50 existing issues.
  2. Effective Issue Logging and Prioritization: All identified issues were meticulously logged in the defect management system, complete with relevant details. These issues were then prioritized for efficient resolution.
  3. End-to-End Testing of New Enhancements:We performed exhaustive end-to-end functional testing for the newly introduced enhancements. During this process, we identified and communicated potential scopes for improvement to the stakeholders.
  4. Comprehensive Regression Testing: A thorough regression testing was conducted on the application, ensuring that all functionalities, both old and new, worked seamlessly together.
  5. Creation of a Detailed Test Summary Report: A comprehensive Test Summary Report was prepared and presented to the stakeholders, providing valuable insights for future analysis and decision-making.

Technologies Used

  • Jira: For effective tracking and management of issues and tasks
  • Confluence: For streamlined documentation and collaboration


This case study showcases Techstern's commitment to delivering high-quality testing solutions, ensuring that the HR management application functions flawlessly and meets the client's expectations.

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