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Power BI for cost-budget analysis involved in Redevelopment of an International Airport


In the past number of years, the airline transportation industry has changed significantly. Globally, the airline hub and spoke system, the commercialization of the passenger terminal building, the introduction of the regional jet and airport congestion have been the leading factors in the redevelopment attempts at airports. 

One of the largest transportation hubs (airport) was undergoing such redevelopment and extension with massive cost, budget and planning involved. Data being generated from all their activities and held in differing database systems, spreadsheets and other data files.

They were looking to use Microsoft Power BI as an end-user tool to allow staffs to create their own Reports and Dashboards while giving them access to the key performance indicators they needed in their job.

They therefore needed to extract and clean data from these many data sources, visualize that data as user-friendly Reports and Dashboards, highlighting cost, time, budget, balances and key performance indicators, and then share these with colleagues and in some cases, partners outside the business.

With Techstern and Power BI capabilities, the planning members and budget controllers were able to visualize and use the following analytics which helped them to plan beforehand with increased efficiency and output:

Cash Flow Chart

The reports were created using power bi filters and enhanced features to help the budget controllers and decision makers analyze the KPIs and budget allocated to the airport redevelopment project per month on a cumulative basis.

Annual/Monthly Budget Status

The line, bar and pie charts were integrated with several filters on day/month/year, funding source, construction site, source level, cost category. The plots highlighted different budgetary attributes like allocated, approved, committed budgets etc. This provided agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized technical support with the help of powerful natural language interface and intuitive graphical designer tools.

Contract Analysis

Optimizing estimated Contract, anticipated contract, balance contingency, approved contingency, anticipated claims are crucial when it comes to handling big projects involving big budgets and major transportation hubs like airport with huge number of passengers travelling daily. Power BI reports helped in detailed analysis of driver performance and the productivity score to help determine the areas of improvement to boost their efficiency.

Ultimately, improving means increasing profits and reducing and this depends on keeping one eye on each and every move made.! Easier access to information is just one benefit, the airport re-development team stresses that access to data at the right time, not just real time, is important. “Power BI reduces the cost to develop products, and it increases our revenue because we can introduce products faster,”

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