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Oracles of Truth are one of the most trusted education academies. They work with dedicated teams to teach, analyze and develop the individual’s performance in many areas in different ways. With the provision of access to their online courses, they are also leading the way to evoke knowledge among those who cannot attend the academics physically.

  • Oracle Of Truth

    Enhanced Digital Learning

    Peruse the eCourse Product Catalog to view eCourses offered or select a specific category to view and learn all the courses in a program. Every Course has an eModule and eClass capturing all the requirements for digital learning.

  • Oracle Of Truth

    Students & Faculty Dashboard

    Two different interactive dashboards allow students and faculties to review/enrol/subscribe new courses. Oracles of truth provides platforms to students and teachers as well for their respective learning and teaching modules


  1. We were hired by the client to resolve the continuous integration issues of existing frontend and developed backend of their website.
  2. The interface between the frontend and backend raised many issues which were critical to understanding the point of view.
  3. An appropriate framework was deployed for the development of the entire website.
  4. The courses provided by the academy were uploaded from the backend which was not complying with the user side.
  5. The integration tools were lacking.


Working with an education industry client, resolving all the issues, we also focused on creating technology to offer a smooth and confident user experience. Our developers worked to eliminate glitches to create a fault-free and interactive experience.

With the understanding of the requirements of the client and the combination of the service they provided, the selection and deployment of the technologies were done with great caution:

  1. The client-site WordPress platform integrated with the backend.
  2. Backend developed with the PHP scripting language.
  3. To ensure that both server and client maintain a consistent interface the YII tool developed.
  4. The backend was developed using YII framework and continuous integration technique employed with the YII(PHP) tool to supplement the frontend with the backend courses.
  5. The unit was tested to ensure it was working effectively


  1. All issues resolved successfully.
  2. A fault-free application delivered on time.
  3. The self-adjusting features for Tabs/Android.
  4. The online courses made accessible to all with the steps generated by the client.

Oracle Of Truth

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