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HR Management Portal

Executive Summary

Techstern was approached by one of the company to develop an HR management application portal that would centralize their HR functions, enhance user experience, and streamline their HR processes.

The Client

The client is a renowned entity in the logistics and Medical sector. However, their HR department was grappling with outdated practices that hindered efficiency and employee engagement.


The main challenges identified were:

  • Outdated HR processes that were time-consuming and error-prone.
  • A lack of centralized access to HR resources and information.
  • Inefficiencies in handling employee data and requests.
  • Limited capabilities for strategic HR analytics and decision-making.


Techstern aimed to deliver a comprehensive solution that would:

  • Create a one-stop HR management platform.
  • Automate HR processes for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Enhance the employee experience through an intuitive user interface.
  • Provide robust data security and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Enable data-driven decisions through advanced analytics.


Leveraging our expertise in software development and UI/UX design, Techstern developed a custom HR management application portal with the following features:

  • A centralized dashboard for HR administrators and employees.
  • Automated workflows for leave, attendance, performance reviews, and onboarding.
  • A self-service employee portal to view and manage personal HR data.
  • Integration with existing systems such as payroll and ERP.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics tools for HR insights.

Technologies Used

We utilized a modern tech stack including:

  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: .Net
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Cloud Services:Azure


The deployment of the HR management application portal led to:

  • A 70% reduction in administrative HR tasks.
  • Significant improvement in employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Enhanced data accuracy and a 90% decrease in processing errors.
  • Empowered HR team with strategic insights, leading to better decision-making.

Client Testimonial

Their expertise and tailored solutions have transformed our HR operations, and we are now more efficient and agile than ever before.


Techstern's custom HR management application portal has not only optimized client’s HR processes but also supported their growth by empowering employees and management with a modern, efficient HR system.

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