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QA Case Study: Mobile App QA Testing for Society Management Application


Techstern was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting thorough functional testing for a Society Management Mobile Application. Our objectives were multifaceted and included:

  1. Establishing a Robust Functional Testing Process: We aimed to develop a comprehensive end-to-end functional test process tailored for the mobile application.
  2. Routine Testing and Maintenance: Implementing and following established test methodologies regularly, ensuring ongoing maintenance.
  3. Development of a Test Automation Framework: Crafting a framework from the ground up to validate complex functional use cases.
  4. Regression Test Suite Creation and Automation: Developing and automating a regression test suite for efficient testing.
  5. Comprehensive Documentation: Maintaining detailed records of all test activities and deliverables.


  1. Lack of a Functional Test Process: There was an absence of an appropriate functional test process that could be integrated into the agile development cycle.
  2. No Reusable Solution for High Priority Functions: The client needed a solution to validate high-priority functionalities for both minor and major version releases of the mobile application.
  3. Absence of Test Automation Framework: There was no existing framework for automating the testing of the mobile application.
  4. Lack of Testing Documentation: Documentation for testing activities was non- existent.


  1. Functional Test Suite Creation: We initiated the process by planning and modularizing test areas based on priority and complexity, designing detailed test scenarios, and categorizing them according to different test objectives.
  2. Test Execution and Reporting: We conducted appropriate test cycles (Smoke/Sanity/Regression) as required, managed open and fixed issues in a defect management system, and published detailed test execution reports and other deliverables after each test cycle.
  3. Mobile Test Automation Suite: We built a Test Automation framework from scratch, wrote end-to-end automation scripts for high-priority test cases in the Android/iOS environment, and routinely upgraded and maintained the automation suite
  4. Documentation of Test Deliverables: All testing activities were meticulously documented and made accessible to stakeholders. This included test planning documents, Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), test cases, and test execution and summary reports for each test run.

Technologies Used

  • Web Automation Tool: Appium
  • Test Automation Framework: TestNG
  • Programming Language: Java
  • Build Tool: Maven
  • Project Management Tools: Jira, Confluence


This case study showcases Techstern's commitment to delivering high-quality testing solutions, ensuring the mobile application's functionality and reliability through rigorous testing and documentation processes.

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