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The Client, based in UAE, provides high-quality education to students to cope up with the ever-growing demands for advanced learning and development. It has been incessantly providing appropriate and better educational innovations to K-12 schools and universities. It is the most reputed e-learning service provider which is successfully trammeling the education system to manumit and take it to another prominent and well defined summit.

The Client provides Computer Curriculum which is a collection of technology projects. Projects include engaging computer activities for children of all ages. They helps students to apply knowledge to analyze information, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions.

We at Techstern solutions have developed a complete product for theme. The project is an advanced online system for school and education administration systems.

During the development, we divided the program into four modules.

  1. Module 1- Super admin - Responsible for handling multiple school administrations
  2. Module 2- School admin - Responsible for only one specific school administration
  3. Module 3 – Teachers - Responsible for assigning projects, online lectures, setting the quizzes and online question papers
  4. Module 4-Students – Able to attend online lectures, read online books, visit the online library, participate in online quizzes and exams and contact administration with queries and questions.


The system development of the project went well. However, the focus on the conduction of exams required a skillset of teachers as well as students. The features of the application included overviews of the entire education system to set up and coordinate between the developers and the users. When met with the examination module, the traditional methods were still prominent and not yet feature a working physical exam system. Merging the technical terms in the development of the application on a global level created an opportunity for us to improve.

The most challenging process was to merge the web application with the physical exam conduction process. It required the conduction of pen and paper-based exams with the notation of a suitable subject and teacher in the form of a barcode. The barcode was needed to reconstruct the software database to make it accessible to the teacher to do the correction work. This led to the construction of online question papers with guaranteed access to the teachers and the school admin for rearrangement of question orders.

The barcode generated by the school admin features all the teacher, course and subject details. The printing of the barcode in the question paper led to the formation of a grouped database based on teacher, course, and subject while scanning. With barcode creation, it was now possible for teachers to log in, check and evaluate the respective answers according to the question they have made in the question papers. The evaluated paper is then submitted, and the results can be verified through the student log in process.

As checking is a digital process, it required particular attention and resources. The option of making it more useful and speeding up the process made it necessary to develop an “ANSWER SHEET MOBILE EVALUATION MODULE.”

This would create a more capable staff system for correcting the papers without needing extra resources. This module can only be accessed by the teachers to evaluate the specific question answered by the students. They can quickly login, view the papers, review and submit them to be stored in a database for further student performance analysis.


Techstern Solutions created solutions to each problem and delivered a flawless final product. We used the following technology for providing the project to our client on time:

  1. GENERATION OF BARCODES: the barcoding system made the configuration between the physical process with the virtual one. Also, it also provided the students with a perfect platform to perform the exams with ease.
  2. OCR Processing: The recognition scanning system was designed to decipher the overview of information in text entered by the student name, roll number, their unique handwriting in the answer sheet. It was sent to a scripting language string to assure the barcode, and the text was of the same person.
  3. MOBILE APPLICATION: Development of “ANSWERSHEET MOBILE EVALUATION MODULE” provided resolve for the portability issue of the users. It also provides the manageable correction profile to the module – 2 teachers and evaluation access to them without the need for additional resources. The mobile app development made it possible to check and submit from anywhere. Assigning marks and evaluation of tested and pending unchecked sheets aided teachers to be able to complete the work before the deadline; leading to a faster system.


  1. It completely fulfills the requirement of a school management system as well as every student.
  2. The feature of mobile application has aided the system with traveling issues.
  3. The website design gives the ultimate response to the user making it accessible and completely understandable.
  4. It is compatible with all the standard browsers for smooth and glitch-free operation.
  5. The content offers an explicit objective of the field and its working.

Global E-Learning

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